Not Paying Attention

1 10 2008




Somebody out there hasn’t been paying attention. Off the top of my head, I’d say that would be just about everyone: from the President to the Senate to the misnamed House of Representatives to the average US citizen.

Congress (you know, the people we hired to manage our country for us) is hard at work planning on all-new ways to squeeze blood from a stone. In this case, we (the People) are the stone. None of the jackasses on Capitol Hill will be paying for the so-called “bailout”. That would be you and I- the average taxpayer.

The tax-fattened imbeciles in Washington tell us, “Harumph! This legislation is necessary to prevent the financial meltdown of this country!”

Says who? This country doesn’t have $700 Billion to spare. The only way to perform this financial miracle would be to print an extra eleventy-squintillion dollars. Net result: The value of the dollar drops to something less than spit, and we end up with an economic nightmare anyway.

Another “justification” for this scam is to protect the availability of credit. Brilliant! We’ll have more access to worthless currency. Actually, the currency would be less than worthless, because its value (already based on faith and other ephemera) would decrease daily.

We, the People, neither want nor need the pork they’re trying to cram down our collective throat. Our employees in the Government need to be told, “No more!” If the weight of decades of political tinkering with the financial system is finally bringing the whole thing down around our ears, the best choice available is to let it fall. Trying to stop or slow the process will only make it worse. Our Gummint is incapable of doing even simple things without screwing them up. Trying to “fix” something as complicated as our kludged-together financial system is entirely beyond their abilities. The Law of Unintended Consequences is the only legislation that always gets passed.

Let economic evolution wreak its havoc. Trying to prevent the tide from coming in is not just futile and stupid, it’s also dangerous.


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2 responses

9 10 2008
Turkish Prawn

Ahhh, but you miss the point. If we shore up the evil bastards who did this to us with our 700 billion, it serves a purpose. That money should hold things together JUST LONG ENOUGH for the fat boys to get most of their money out of our failing markets and into something safer over seas. I’m guessing, probably some place like the UAE. Just a guess.

-Turkish Prawn

13 10 2008

While I agree with your attitude, I gotta say I’m not too worried. Maybe I should be – given all the econ reading I’ve been doing the past few months, there are a LOT of scared people who are WAY more intelligent than me. 700 billion? Eh, whatever. It will help. But what’s really interesting is what’s in that legislation that just got signed into law. Sure, there’s some pork and etc., but there’s also some real stabs at (gasp!) regulation(!).

If you haven’t checked out the Giant Pool of Money episode of This American Life, you should. They just did a follow up, called Another Frightening Show About the Economy – which is chock full of ‘splainin. It is here – just click on the ‘full episode’ to hear it:

There’s also the Planet Money blog, put together by the same chaps who did those two episodes. It is here:

And if you haven’t checked out Freakanomics, you’re missing out on some wonderful stuff. Really. It is here:

As a retail business owner, the worst thing about this for me is the hysteria and hype about the economy. Like the blathering fear-mongers about teh terrorists, I find myself totally in disagreement. I refuse to panic.

(the blog is great, by the way – cheers!)

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