I am profoundly unpleasant, evil wicked, mean and nasty … but in a good way. In a previous incarnation on the web, my online persona was once described as a “Dark and Sinister Force for Good”- hence this blog’s title.

Among many other unpleasant traits, I am extremely intolerant of stupidity. I have no problem whatsoever heaping scorn upon inexcusably stupid ideas- or even good ideas poorly or stupidly presented. I permit myself the privilege of deriding stupidity in all its manifold forms by treating myself just as badly when I do something stupid.

I have few friends, each of which is at least my intellectual equal. I have known these friends since High School, back in the depths of time when we rode dinosaurs to school … through chest-deep snow … uphill … both ways.

I am childless by choice, American by birth, and a curmudgeon by sheer force of personality. My wife is almost a perfect complement to my irascibility. She is as smart as I (about different things), just as intolerant of nonsense, and by far the best thing to ever happen to me.

I have a small domicile in a modest city in a nondescript state, and I am owned by (currently) two cats. I have several firearms, two cars, two swords, and no debts.

I enjoy (in no particular order) reading, computers, shooting, high-quality single-malt whiskey, good cigars, and Role-Playing Games (Dungeons and Dragons in particular). I watch very little TV (due to my low tolerance for stupidity), go to very few movies (ditto), and listen to a wide variety of music (basically, everything but country).

Any more than this, you’ll have to learn through reading these pages.

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17 08 2008
Warren Bonesteel

Re: ‘That’s some fine police work there, Lou.’

Great rant.

Well done.


Warren “Bones” Bonesteel
Author and Researcher
55 Crestview Drive
Rapid City, SD 57701
(605) 348-2830

18 08 2008

Warren: I’m glad someone is reading it.

I appreciate the response.

8 12 2008

How the hell do you manage to have two cars, two guns, and no debt? I have one care, no guns, and an assload of debt. And I was (until my debt caught up with me) making 10 dollars an hour, living in an efficiency apartment and my greatest extravagance was a large gourmet pizza a week.

I don’t know whether to hate capitalism or call the police to look for whoever was taking all my money.

8 12 2008

SumGi: Would you believe, clean living?

I didn’t think so. I blame my wife for most of this. She has kept us fiscally and financially healthy for the last decade or so- despite the fact that we were in the military for most of that period and she does not have an outside job. Prudent investments and cut-throat bargaining skills got us the two cars (paid cash).

That brings up an excellent point- pay cash or do without. Use credit cards only for emergencies. This helps avoid creating new debt and the physical/fiscal/mental stress which accompanies it. For dealing with existing debt, try to avoid paying the minimum. Pick one debt, and pay it off as quickly as possible. Once that debt is gone, allocate the money which used to go to that debt to another, until that one is gone, too. Your debts will eventually all fall to this “domino effect”. You may wish to get a copy of The Richest Man in Babylon from the library.

28 02 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site!

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

11 07 2010


27 07 2010

Archvillain, greetings!

The Posse suspects that within this site lurks just the sort of evil wordsmith that this nation needs.
Magnificent blog!

17 07 2011

Don’t listen to the author of this webpage!!! I has not even gotten his GED yet! bwahahaha!!!

Love the site, by the way. Love it!

18 07 2011

You have acheived discontinuity of meaning.

21 05 2012

Just stumbled on this site today. Good stuff! Thanks.

15 07 2013

I linked into your site while I was casually researching prosecutorial misdeeds (I’m strange that way). Congratulations, for better or worse, you have been added to my bookmarks.

26 06 2016
JJ Hammer

You’re a hateful little idiot on Fark.

26 06 2016

JJ Hammer- Got a specific example, or are you just being unpleasant?

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