Shell Game

25 09 2008

Wake up, America.

Your elected Representatives are trying to pull a fast one- literally. In great haste, with little or no debate, our Gummint is trying to cram a particularly unpalatable piece of pork down our throats.

The pork in question is the so-called “Bail-out” bill soon to appear for voting in the House and Senate. Most legislation takes weeks or months to get that far. But the Gummint is basically saying, “The big, bad, economy monster is going to destroy the country and rape your children! Boogabooga!” We are also being told that the only way to prevent this calamity is to pour hundreds of billions of dollars from the Public Treasury into the hands of one or two unelected officials, who will magically make the bad things not happen. To really cap the condescension, our Representatives and these unelected bureaucrats are saying that we can’t be trusted with the details of this gimmick. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

We, the People, are being conned.  I fail to see any compelling reason why the legislative process is being short-circuited for this alleged crisis. If the crisis is real, then our Gummint had better explain the problem in no uncertain words to us- the People. Then we, the People, will decide whether or not we believe the story.

Take the time to tell your Senators and Congresscritters how you feel about this particular boondoggle- whether or not you agree with me. I would actually prefer that those who do not agree with me contact their representatives and make their feelings known. Debate helps reveal the truth, and it is hard to debate when everyone agrees on something.

For those of you who don’t know, you can reach your Congresscritter here.  You can reach your senator here. You will need to know your zip+4. Write them, call them, or email them. Make sure your spelling and grammar are acceptable. Do not swear, insult, or threaten. All that will do is alienate the person you’re trying to convince and probably earn you a visit from the Secret Service. Calmly and politely lay out your arguments, then ask him/her to do the right thing.

Do it now. If you don’t let your elected representatives know how you feel on this issue, then you are part of the problem. Remember who votes for and against this monstrosity, and punish those people with your votes in November accordingly.

Here’s a sample, for illustrative purposes. Please do not use this as your own:


As a constituent and a taxpayer, I urge you to vote against the so-called economic bailout bill reportedly coming to the Floor soon.

Unless there is an urgent, compelling need to do so, the Government should refrain from using Public funds to rescue private firms from the consequences of their own stupidities. Despite the recent furor in the press, no such compelling reason has yet been presented to the Public. In the absence of a clear explanation delivered to the Public, we the People are unwilling to pay hundreds of billions of dollars to prevent economic evolution from taking its toll on private companies who have mismanaged their assets.

I have heard many people say that this legislation is necessary to prevent a total collapse of the nation’s economy, yet no one has described why this is so, except those with an apparent vested interest in getting uncontrolled access to nearly a trillion dollars in Public funds. The primary questions any rational person must ask when presented with dire warnings of impending doom should be: “ Who says so?” “Why?”, and “Are the people who say so the primary beneficiaries of the proposed actions?” Instead, Congress seems to have swallowed the prophecies of economic ruin with no questions whatsoever. Furthermore, this is all happening with dizzying haste, again without benefit of cogent explanation. It is wisely said that actions taken in haste are repented at leisure. If you are privy to a good reason why it is necessary to spend the equivalent of the GDP of Pakistan twice over to bail out a few private companies, it is your duty as our Representative to carefully, clearly, and completely explain that reason to your constituents.

Until and unless the need for this extravagance is properly explained, the only sane vote regarding the legislation at issue is “ NO”. Please do what you can to convince your fellow Representatives to refrain from creating generations of debt for the American people in the interest of saving a privileged few.

Thank you for your attention,


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