No. YOU Move!

29 08 2010

A little bit of America died today. Not something physical, like a person, but one of the intangible American virtues was burned to death in Tennessee. It seems a bunch of “real Americans” managed to stop having sex with their sisters long enough to set fire to construction equipment being used to build a mosque.

Some might call this mere vandalism. Those people would be implicitly denying the fact that this act was designed to send a message of hate to those who dared to worship a non-christian god. That makes it terrorism. Here’s the UN definition for terrorism:

Criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other nature that may be invoked to justify them.

Let’s see, we have a crime (vandalism) intended to provoke fear in a group of people because of their religious beliefs. That makes this terrorism, and the people responsible are just as evil and small-minded as the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. The fact that these people claim to be Americans makes me physically ill.

It doesn’t matter what the press says. It doesn’t matter what the politicians or the mobs say. It doesn’t matter if the whole country says something wrong is something right. When the press or the mob or the whole world tells you to move, it is your duty- as a patriot- to plant yourself like a tree next to a river of truth and tell the whole world, “No. You move.”

Various pundits are fond of saying that seventy percent of Americans are opposed to building mosques in this country. Too fucking bad. If the property owners are not breaking any laws, it’s nobody’s fucking business what the property will be used for. If a bunch of weak-minded christian pinheads are upset that there will be a muslim center of worship in their town, they’ll just have to suck it up.

There ain’t no churches in Mecca!” is a frequent complaint by these xenophobic ass-hats. So what? We are supposed to be better than everyone else. We set ourselves up on a high pedestal and proclaim that America is the greatest country on Earth, but that claim requires that we occasionally live up to it. Something basic- like following our own  rules.

There is no fucking excuse for this sort of shit- not in my country. The people who committed this crime have lost the right to be called Americans. They have violated the law and the unwritten rules by which any complex society operates. These cowards are no better than the men who used to wear white hoods and lynch black people in that same area.

The people who committed this act of terrorism- and the people who knew about it but have not come forward to name names- are my enemies, and the enemies-general of all Americans. These people have been taking advantage of the freedoms guaranteed for all in this country, but they have decided that those same freedoms to apply to non-christians.

I am not a christian. I defy you to try and take away my liberty. Bring it, you cowardly xenophobes.

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30 08 2010

This is why the islames will get closer to winning here. The ‘good americans’ do something really stupid and then the other americans bend over to compensate which gives the islames a better footing. Yes i do not like islam but they are no different then the xtians-assshole bigots!! But so what as you say we are a country of law and all should be treated the same. If an islame does something illegal then trial then punish. But the ‘good americans’ don’t like that because if their ‘good priest’ should do something wrong then they should also be punished-and we know what they’ve been doing! There should be no restrictions on religion in legal punishment. If someone does something illegal then punish, that way the islame can not get the upper-hand and neither can the xtians.

Oh yes you are dead wrong about the Tennesseans!!! they do not marry their sisters, its the Arkansas-ians. My daughter knew a gay from arkansas who said… Its too bad you’re not my sister then I could propose and we could get married. Their tennesssee buddy then said …Ya I have the same problem cuz she ain’t my 1st cousin either. That why I know you were wrong.

5 09 2010
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6 09 2010
13 09 2010

Hear, hear!

You wrote, “Various pundits are fond of saying that seventy percent of Americans are opposed to building mosques in this country.” You’re absolutely right to respond that “it’s nobody’s fucking business what the property will be used for” — but I also feel like this statistic in the first place is misleading. Is it really true that only seventy percent of Americans are opposed to the building of mosques? That would seem to me to imply that 30% of the country is Muslim. If you ask any non-Muslim, “Should we build a mosque here? Would you enjoy that?” I would expect their answer to be “No.” Ditto for if you ask any non-Lutheran about the construction of a Lutheran church, and so on. In this sense, I “oppose” the building of every single house of worship in the country. I respect freedom of religion, and I’m never going to claim they don’t have the right to build what they want where they want (within other laws). And that’s really the most important thing, as you explain. Still, I wish we could acknowledge that nobody is exactly “in favor” of anybody else’s religion.

13 09 2010

NFQ: That 70% number is what is being bandied about by Fox News, and repeated at length by bigots.

For purposes of the discussion, I chose to use the statistics promoted by those on the opposite side of the argument to illustrate my point. That point being: millions of people can be just as deluded and utterly wrong as any given individual, and it is the duty of every rational person to stand in the face of overwhelming public sentiment and tell them that they are wrong.

According to the US Census, only about .6% of the US population claimed to be muslim as of the last census (the 2010 numbers aren’t out yet). The only accurate implication inherent in that 70% figure used earlier is that 30% of the population did not oppose building mosques in this country- not that they were all muslim.

14 09 2010

Hi archvillain,

I think you may have misunderstood me. My goal wasn’t to accuse you of using bad statistics, or anything like that — I was aiming for something more along the lines of “[using] the statistics promoted by those on the opposite side of the argument to illustrate my point.” Fox News and their affiliated bigots think that 70% of Americans opposing the building of mosques is a high number, illustrating widespread sentiment against Islam. My point was that even 30% of the country supporting the building of mosques is really high — that is way more than the number of Muslims in the country, the only set of the population I would expect to be “in favor” of a mosque being built. If Fox is quoting this statistic, they’re making the opposite point from what they think they’re saying.

Asking a non-Muslim, “Are you in favor of the construction of a new mosque?” is missing the point. As you explained in your post, the real point is about rights and freedoms.

16 09 2010

NFQ: My apologies. I did misunderstand your comment. By the way, “Fox and their affiliated bigots” is a wonderful turn of phrase. Do you mind if I steal it?

17 09 2010

Go right ahead. 😀

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