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19 08 2010


If it seems that I’ve been absent recently, it’s because … well … I have.  The past few weeks, I’ve been either tired, sore, pissed off, or some combination thereof when I got home from work, so this space has been sadly neglected. Not for the first time, either. Life sucks, but some of its puppies are cute.

Anyway, on with the show.


Here is the sum total of my commentary about Cordoba House. It’s private property. The owners thereof can do what they like with their property within the limits of the law. If no laws are being broken, STFU and MYOB. Period. Full stop.


I rarely agree with the Barefoot Bum when it comes to politics. We’re so far apart in what passes for the political spectrum that we might as well be a different species. I read his blog because he’s smart in streaks and has a writing style I admire. We usually agree on religious matters, so I tend to enjoy his writing on that subject more than others, but I enjoy reading his work regardless of the subject matter.

That said, he has written an outstanding post with the title, Liberal Christians. Anyone who appreciates rational discourse should read this article. My only quibble with it is the title. I would have used rational in lieu of liberal. They’re still living in a fantasy world, but they can at least see reality from where they are- a lot more than can be said about fundamentalists of any flavor.

On the other hand, he’s a much better writer than I am, so my quibble doesn’t mean much.


The Gummint says that 75% of all the oil that came out of the Deepwater Horizon debacle has been removed from the ocean. Scientists who’ve been monitoring the situation are saying that 75% of the oil is unaccounted for, and they’re calling the Gummint’s statement so much horse manure. Published reports suggest most of the unaccounted-for oil is on the sea floor and in enormous plumes drifting with the currents.

In other words, we’re going into extra innings with this one. The environmental costs of BP’s short-sighted shortcuts with just about every standard operating procedure will be decades coming in, and we- the People- will be footing the bill in the form of taxes. For generations to come.


Ah, the US media. So blind. So naive. So willfully ignorant. So complicit in manipulating public perceptions.

While what passes for media outlets here in the US have been willfully distracting the public with the nontroversy about Cordoba House, a disaster of biblical proportions has been playing out on the other side of the world. While televisions and headlines here in the States have been focusing on the rantings of xenophobic retards, twenty million people are trying desperately to stay alive despite catastrophic flooding in Pakistan. Allow me to repeat that number: TWENTY. MILLION. PEOPLE.

Unlike the ridiculous pinheads protesting Cordoba House, those affected by the flooding in Pakistan are actual human beings. The biggest humanitarian nightmare in human history is happening right now, and the so-called “news” organizations in this country are mostly ignoring it. Our Gummint is willing to spend billions of dollars to bail out GM, but people in Pakistan are dying of preventable diseases and starvation for want of a measly $425 Million dollars in promised aid- only a portion of which was promised by the US.

How about we sell an aircraft carrier and give the proceeds to one of the international charities operating in Pakistan for disaster relief? I trust the Red Cross/Crescent to do a better job helping out the survivors than any government. Don’t forget to donate to one of the charities providing help for the victims yourself. Americans are the biggest source of charitable donations on the planet, and now is the time to live up to that. Don’t wait for the government to do the right thing- you’ll die of old age before that happens.


Ninety years ago, the US finally granted women the right to vote. This was yet another long-overdue step away from the notion that only white christian male land-owners should have any say in how the country was run. It was also a profound poke in the eye of fundamentalist ass-hats who believe that women are somehow inferior. That particular breed of vermin is still polluting our national discourse, but they’re growing fewer and less influential with each passing year. To those people, I have only this to say: Change is inevitable. Cope.


Rabble-rouser and renowned television weeping wonderboy Glenn Beck will be holding a rally on the same date and at the same place as Dr. Martin Luther King’s epic, “I Have a Dream” speech. Cognitive dissonance will flow like water, metaphors, logic, and syntax will be abused, and I plan on doing something more interesting … like watching my lawn grow.

Mr. Beck certainly has the right to hold a rally, but his histrionic brand of stupidity is just so godawful that I can’t bear thinking about it for long. Unfortunately for me, my beloved wife has the bad taste to watch his ridiculous rantings every night. I then have to spend an hour or so every evening explaining to her that the funny little man on the TV is a pinhead of the first water, and he’s almost entirely wrong on almost every topic. If Glenn Beck said that the sun rose in the east, I would check for myself to make sure.


Apparently, the list has been narrowed down to getting abused by the thugs-in-uniform who make up that city’s police department. Oddly enough, the city recently replaced the civilian in charge of overseeing police investigations … because he decided that the police were at fault too often. The new guy apparently thinks police brutality is a standard procedure.  The latest victim was roughed up on camera for telling a driver being cited by the Largest Street Gang in America that he’d be happy to testify on the driver’s behalf. I’m pretty sure “Dissing a Cop” is  not a valid criminal offense.

I understand that the FBI has taken an interest. perhaps they could also look into the several thousand similar cases scattered across the country while they’re at it.


A federal judge eviscerated California’s Proposition 8. Yet another move away from from limiting human rights to white christian male landowners. It seems like the xenophobes in this country are running out of enemies to demonize.

Damn the horrible luck.


That’s all I have for now. Fresh outrages and snark coming soon. Don’t touch that dial.

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One response

20 08 2010

Spot on on everything.
The thought of giving a couple of plucking rich crooks bail money is bad enough
if the gov’mint is smart (well OK oxymoron) it will divert some funds to where it is needed most–Not holding breath!

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