29 06 2009

To the delight of everyone in Iran and around the world, the Guardian Council announced today that they had completed a partial recount of the votes from the June 12th election, and the clear winner was Mahmoud Ahminadinnerjacket. Complaints and reports of widespread fraud were dismissed as “irrelevant”. Personally, I am ever so glad they have finally laid this issue to rest.

In a pig’s eye.

I’ve been torn between two competing ideas about the clerics who make up the true rulers of Iran. I originally thought that their extremely stupid machinations were merely a cynical ploy to cement their power by fomenting a modest rebellion, which grew beyond their control.

My other idea is that the various beards trying to run things- specifically including the Burrito Supreme and his midget sidekick- are actually completely clueless. They’ve been gazing into their navels and engaging in mutual self-congratulation for so long that they honestly have no idea how idiotic they appear to the rest of the world- and their own citizens.

That brings us to Rafsanjani. The former President and current Big Turban in the Holy City of Qom is a villainous old scoundrel who only truly cares about his widespread business interests. He is also the best hope for a resolution of the current unrest in the protesters’ favor. Rafsanjani despises Khameni and Ahmadinejad- partly because of political rivalry but also because their antics are hurting Rafsanjani’s businesses abroad. He has been cynically manipulating events from his political stronghold in Qom with a level of guile which would make Macchiavelli weep with envy. While the young men and women of Iran are getting beaten and murdered in the streets of Tehran and other cities, Rafsanjani has been making political capital from their blood, sweat, and tears.

There are a few good things coming out of the unrest in Iran. Among other things, some of the terrorist groups Iran has been sponsoring haven’t been getting their monthly stipends. I don’t have a link to the source material, so I will just copy-and-paste the article from ThreatsWatch below:

Iran Turmoil Causes Terrorism Economic Crisis

Aaron Klein, who has perhaps the deepest contacts within Palestinian terrorist organizations of any journalist in the world, made note Monday that the turmoil in Iran had caused the Iranian regime to miss its regularly scheduled subsitance payment to at least one group, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. As of Friday, the Iranian regime’s regular terror stipend has still not arrived, preventing the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist leadership from paying its henchmen.

This is what happens when the world’s foremost state sponsor of terrorism meets with conflict of its own. As an Islamic Jihad source told Klein nearly a week ago, “If money is not sent one way or another, we may have to close some agencies and bureaus.”

Oh, money is pouring out of Iran in a big way. But they’re not transfers from the terrorist regime to its foreign legions. They are transfers by businesses rushing to deposit their millions out of Iranian banks and into more stable environments abroad.

In radio interviews over the past two weeks on the situation in Iran, I ahve often asked hosts and listeners to close thier eyes and imagine the region beyond Iran’s borders when the cash cow of international terrorism is no longer there to be the lifeline of Hizballah, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. They starve, with their chief supplier of money, arms and training no longer available to feed them. They will be forced to rely almost solely upon the support of Arabs once the sustaining Persian money line is severed.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is tellig us this right now, either the first group to feel the effects of the people’s revolt in Iran or, more likely, the first terrorist group to actually say so publicly. Or perhaps Hamas and Hizballah had their cash flow uninterrupted by supplying reinforcement thugs for Iran’s Basij militia. It has been reported often by Iranians that there have been many Arabic-speaking forces among the Farsi-speaking Basij on the Iranian city streets. Whatever the Iranian terror cashflow dynamics, the Palestinain Islamic Jihad is feeling the pain.

There is “no shame in being poor,” they have told Klein in his most recent update. And we at ThreatsWatch concur. We in fact encourage an increased piety among the Palestinian Islamic Jihad leadership and ranks and the closure of more “agencies and bureaus.”

By Steve Schippert on June 26, 2009 at 9:36 AM

Despite the savagery of the Basij and other government-sponsored militias, the protests are continuing. Amnesty International estimates that some two thousand Iranians are imprisoned. Many analysts are coming to the realization that this revolution will not die down anytime soon. The 1979 Islamic Revolution took more than a year to come to fruition. The protesters can afford to bide their time and make plans. The government, by contrast, is under severe diplomatic pressure from abroad and economic pressure at home. There are thousands of Basij in the streets of Tehran, each one costing the government a great deal of cash and other resources. Worse, Tehran is not the only city in turmoil. The government is hemorrhaging money trying to maintain itself in the hope that the unrest can be beaten into submission and IranCo can get back in business.

One of the big movers against the Shah during the 1979 Revolution was a series of general strikes. There have already been calls for strikes by Mousavi and others. This sort of economic pressure on the government would have enormous effect, particularly for the Grey Eminence- Rafsanjani.

Of course, the American public has completely lost track of the situation in Iran. With the fickleness of the well-fed and safe and the collective Attention-Deficit Disorder of those resting on their laurels, people in the US have largely lost interest in Iran in favor of Infotainment. If it weren’t so nauseating, it might almost be funny.

Fortunately for those on the ground inside Iran, there are still those in the wider world who are paying attention. It is little enough we can do to help you, but we will do what we can. We cannot be with you in person, but we are with you in spirit. Many of us are providing proxy servers and torrents. Others are taking more active measures. We are listening. We are watching.

We will not forget.

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