Revolution Calling

20 06 2009

The die has been cast.

What passes for a government in Iran has unleashed terror upon its own people. For those of you just learning about this, it is no longer about the possibly fraudulent election lsat week. Now it is about a government treating the citizenry as enemies. Now it is about the death of innocents. Now it is about a nation of warrior poets reclaiming their souls. Now, it is about a young Iranian girl named Neda.

Neda may not be her real name. It means voice in Farsi. Neda was standing next to her father in Tehran this afternoon when a bullet struck her in the throat. She died almost instantly. Her death was captured on camera by people standing nearby. That image has been sent around the world- recently even showing up on CNN.

The people in Iran who had been protesting are now on the ragged edge of open revolt. Gangs of Basij have taken to storming into houses by night, beating everyone within and arresting hundreds of people thought to be close to the leaders of the protesters. Doctors have been beaten or shot for trying to protect the injured from the Basij. Foreign embassies have opened their doors to the wounded, because the hospitals are no longer safe.


Here are some images from today’s violence in Iran.

Here is a report from Anonymous Iran.

What follows was written by Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish.

So here’s what we have:

They’re afraid of murdering too many protesters all at once. Eventually the protesters will come to understand how to work around this. They can’t open their telecomm pipes, because the minute they do 3 million people will know how and where to gather, and the world will get to see thousands of videos showing horrific instances of state violence against its subjects.

They have to open their telecomm pipes, because their economy cannot function without telecomm.

They can’t repress too much, because the cleric support base will tip against them.

Rafsanjani is waiting to find out who’ll keep his financial empire running. He’s going to come to conclude the current leadership’s promises cannot be trusted; the country is now being run by a Fascist Islamic Mafia.

So what do they do?

They turn this into a keystone-cops gulag, and still, no matter how they try to block it, the entire world is watching, and international disapproval is growing. At some point even life in Syria or Egypt will start to look better. The leadership will become ostracized in the Muslim world, and a large and influential Islamic country like Indonesia will come out with a public condemnation. Then other nations will feel emboldened. Even worse, Ahmadinejad, and to some extent even Khamenei, will now have a difficult time making uncontrolled appearances where the crowds are not bused from towns 100 miles away; every time they show up, crowds will chant them down.

These citizens are done with their leadership. The trust has completely and irretrievably dissipated, and the fear, although present, is not sufficient, especially as it becomes more clear the army will remain on the sidelines. And the mullahs have opened all the playbooks on repression and crowd control simultaneously; it’s a smorgasboard attempt at blocking the rising tide of resentment; if you’ll recall, that’s called the mullah’s-ass-on-a-pressure-cooker-lid-to-retard-fulmination rule. If things look bad with the pressure cooker, piling more mullahs on the lid will only result in a more spectacular finish.

If the Warsaw Ghetto uprising had been broadcast to the entire world, Hitler’s demise most surely would have come several years sooner. The mullahs have no way out. They are, essentially, fucked. It’s now only a matter of time. And Iran’s negotiations on their nuclear program? Suspended indefinitely due to lack of credibility; nobody will believe anything they say now.


I wish I could have put it so well. I will have to let the contrast between the following images speak for me.



Current status: Disgusted

Current music: Pavane for a Dead Princess by Ravel



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21 06 2009
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