Sic Semper Tyrannis

14 06 2009

For those of you who get all your news from the regular media sources, this may come as a bit of a shock: There is widespread civil unrest throughout Iran in the wake of their election on Friday.

The oafishal Iranian media has declared Mahmoud Ahminadinnerjacket the clear winner. Everybody else is declaring shenanigans. Protesters were out in the streets last night and this morning (US Eastern time), shouting “Down with the dictator!” The government has shut down most internet and phone communications, and has ordered all foreign journalists out of the country. BBC Persia- a satellite broadcast into Iran- is reporting multiple jamming attempts by someone within Iran. Thousands of Iranians are posting videos and real-time reports of the chaos via Twitter.

But the regular media outlets in the US are silent.

The news is out there. Here are a few links I’ve managed to get from

Protesters vs police.

Police attacking protesters.

Call for a general strike.

Reports in Farsi from Iran.

Khatami’s brother arrested.

Here are some Tweets from the same source:

RT @Change_for_Iran: Students fighting back a large group of police & Basij right now at university of physics! I’m going to join them. 15 minutes ago from twhirl
RT @StopAhmadi: “some anti riot forces are speaking in Arabic! apparently imported from Lebanon” #IranElection
20 minutes ago from twhirl
News: Source in Rasht say there are many police w/ civilian clothing, and ppl getting beaten up badly #IranElection
4 minutes ago from Seesmic Desktop
NEWS: Source in Rasht say person w/ Asthma got killed by teargas. #IranElection

solidadrocks Huff Post: “Sharif Univrsty…riot police firing rubber bullets,storming thru dorms.” (not yet confirmed) #IranElection half a minute ago from Tweetie

A very big student and alumni demonstration against the fraud in the election started in Sharif University of Technology from 3 hours ago. (367 دقیقه قبل)
Mousavi asked for permission to set up a demonstration on Monday #IranianElection (369
Basij militia members chanting God Bless Hezzbullah (1141 دقیقه قبل)
Mobile network is back, please reset your phones. (1149
Mir Hossein Mousavi is house arrest, has no access to anywhere. (1252 دقیقه قبل)
Basij Militia attacking people with teaser, stone, stick and knife like rabid dogs. (1272 دقیقه قبل)
Top members of the National Participation Front (the most important reformist party) arrested. (1305 دقیقه قبل)
Northern part of Tehran is on fire, people attacked a gas station to explode it (1306)
My Internet is back again. Things outside is horrible, people fighting with stone, Basij Millitia armed with cold weapon (1328

I’m just a regular guy with a computer hooked up to the internet. If I can get this stuff, what the Hell is wrong with the alleged “journalists” here in the US? This is one of the pivotal moments in history, and very few people in the US are getting told about it.

Current status: Concerned

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