Re-visiting the Police State

29 07 2008

Metaphorically, anyway. I have no desire to subject myself to the perils in the Logic-Free Zone.

In my last rant, I implied that the City government of DC was in a persistent vegetative state. This was an inaccurate statement, which I will now clarify: The City government of the nation’s capitol is composed of one-third (more or less) morons, one-third (more or less) imbeciles, one-third (more or less) criminals, and three-thirds (more or less) poltroons.

Allow me to demonstrate. In the wake of the Heller Decision, the DC City Gummint changed the rules to permit residents to legally own handguns- supposedly in order to comply with the Supreme Court decision. In stark refutation of the clear language of that decision, they proceeded to make the process for registering a handgun in the city so burdensome as to discourage anyone from trying. Worse, and still in defiance of the Heller Decision, the city imposed such strict requirements for using a handgun in self-defense that such use would almost certainly be either impossible or ruled illegal after the fact.

According to the new regulations, a citizen can own a handgun (except auto-loading weapons- more on this later) and keep it at home, but it would have to be kept unloaded or disassembled and locked up until it was needed. In other words, if a burglar was breaking into a home in DC, the resident would have to discover the threat, unlock the gun safe or similar “approved” locking device, load or assemble the weapon, and then (and only then) would he or she be permitted the luxury of self-defense. Have you ever seen the 1973 version of The Three Musketeers? There’s a scene where the Cardinal’s Guards arrest Raquel Welch in her home, and her husband dutifully tries to defend her with a pistol- which he has to first find and load. It’s a very funny scene in the movie, but not one that any law-abiding citizen should be forced to endure in a real-world life-or-death situation.

For those of you playing at home, the DC police and City Gummint are the Cardinal’s Guards- the bad guys in the film (but not the book, which I highly recommend).

Now let us examine the requirements for registering a firearm in DC. First and foremost, no weapon which can fire more than 12 rounds- or could possibly be modified to fire more than 12 rounds– without reloading is classified as a “machine gun” by the City. “Machine guns” are specifically outlawed by the new DC ordinance, making legal ownership of “the most common weapon used by Americans for self-defense” (quoted from the Heller Decision) impossible. In fact, Dick Heller- the man who fought the City’s unconstitutional handgun ban to the Supreme Court- cannot register his five-shot pistol because it “could possibly be modified” to fire more than 12 rounds without reloading.

In addition to outlawing an entire class of otherwise commonly-legal firearms, the DC registration process requires that would-be registrants take their firearm to the police station, where they will be fingerprinted and a background check will be initiated. The firearm will be confiscated and tested by the police to ensure that the weapon has not been associated with any crimes and to determine its “ballistic fingerprint” (which may or may not be based on valid science). This process could take several weeks, and the police department has issued several different estimates of approval time, indicating that the time for approval is basically open-ended.

As expected, several people (including Dick Heller) have filed new lawsuits against the City, claiming that the new regulations are violating their individual right to own and bear arms. Having read some of these regulations, I tend to agree.

What really gets me hopping mad is the fact that the City expected to get sued over their new registration process. They knew in advance that they were deliberately violating the Supreme Court’s ruling against them. Worse, they’re counting on the fact that it will take years for the various appeals to work through the courts- during which time they will continue to capriciously and arbitrarily deny residents of the City their Constitutional right. By the way, your tax dollars will be paying for all of this.

The DC police and government seem to be Hell-bent on wasting the taxpayers’ money fighting justifiable lawsuits over deliberate violations of Constitutional law because they don’t want American citizens to own firearms. I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but that sounds suspiciously like fraud. Perhaps the FBI should take an interest in the activities of the City’s Gummint. Also, since some residents of DC are already using the 3rd box against the City, the rest of the citizens should start using the first two boxes. Vote these numb-skulls out of office! Forever.

Current status: Outraged

Current music: Safety Dance by Men Without Hats



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29 07 2008

Am I the only one who finds the whole thing ironic? DC is not a state so they only have federal laws, however they have no representation in Congress, other than the fact that most congressmen must pass through DC to get to [sic] work .

A person from outside of DC would think that Washington should be a microcosm of the entire US. However, it seems to represent and advocate everything that the constitution was put into place to protect us against.

We will find out how much the people of DC want to protect themselves by how they vote in the next greased liberal catching contest. Maybe the majority of DC residents really believe that the way to a peaceful society is by disarming good people. If so they deserve what they get.

30 07 2008

pf- No, you’re not the only one. You’re absolutely right that our nation’s capitol seems to epitomize the exact opposite of our national ideals.

As for the representation issue, I have a simple solution: The people in DC who live on the Virginia side of the river are citizens of Virginia, and the people on the Maryland side are citizens of Maryland. Problem solved.

Of course, this solution would mean that people south of the Potomac would be subject to Virginia’s gun laws (open carry, “shall-issue” CCW permits) and folks north of the river would be stuck with Maryland’s stupid gun laws (eeek! Gun are bad, m’kay?), but I don’t see that as a problem.

31 07 2008
Turkish Prawn

First and foremost, I must thank you for introducing me to “poltroon”. Fantastic word and I shall endeavor to use it!

Next… man, where to begin? This, to my mind, is a beautiful, albeit ugly example of government ruling OVER the people rather than FOR the people. Personally, I’m a pretty strict constructionist when it come to the Constitution and B.O.R. and it makes me really damned upset when people start screwing with a machine which runs pretty well. To my mind, this is really part of a much bigger issue. It’s the issue of looking back at what was set down for us to run our country by and saying, “Yah, but I know better than those guys did!”

Well, “Those guys” had a lot of direct, first hand knowledge of what it was like to live in the yolk of an oppressive and disinterested government system. In fact, it pissed them off so much that they threw it off VIOLENTLY! They really did know what they were doing and why and THAT’S why they wrote the rules as they did. It’s not carved in stone, to be sure, but we seem to be leaving the “Spirit of ’76” pretty far behind, these days.

31 07 2008

Turkish Prawn- ruling OVER the people rather than FOR the people

Well said.

One of the few benefits of the 24-hour news cycle is that we can see the results of similar policies in other countries and learn from them. I say “we”, but the alleged government of our nation’s capitol is apparently incapable of learning from their own mistakes- let alone the mistakes of others.

This country was set up with the idea that those who govern do so by consent of the governed. So long as the people pay attention to what is being done in their name, this democratic republic works very well. Unfortunately, those who believe that they know what’s best for us and are willing to force us to go along have discovered the Roman method of keeping the population quiescent.

Anyone with more than a casual understanding of history should know that “bread and circuses” is only a short-term panacea for the rulers. Politicians are almost exclusively focused on the short-term, however- the next election, the next bribe, the next sexual conquest, the next meal, etc. In this, they perfectly represent the vast majority of the electorate. “Americans are a people who know what they want, and deserve to get it good and proper.” -H.L. Mencken

So long as the people continue to focus on immediate gratification, politicians will continue to get elected who will pander to them in order to wallow in the gratification of their own immediate desires for money and power. As long as these tax-fattened hyenas continue to throw the occasional bone to their constituents, they will continue to run the country into the ground in their lust for more money and power. This vicious cycle will continue until the abuses of power grow too onerous for the people to overlook, and a new crop of power-hungry mouth-breathers will get elected to start the cycle anew.

The only recourse we (the People) have to alter this cycle is the Four Boxes. Politicians capable of looking beyond their next bribe/meal/romp-with-an-intern know this. The smarter examples from this group do their best to avoid provoking the people into action. Most of the rest don’t care (until they fall victim to the people’s wrath at their antics and find themselves in jail or out of a job). The really stupid ones try to short-circuit the entire Four Boxes process by removing the Peoples’ access to the Fourth Box.

Take a look at England today, and you will see the products of that idea: citizens jailed for defending themselves from criminals and ever-more-intrusive government which steadily removes the peoples’ rights with no fear of reprisal.

31 07 2008
Turkish Prawn

You know what? I agree with you on all points except one. I think the truth about the motives of our elected officials is far more scary than you make it out. It’s my opinion that most of the Washington folks actually think that they are helping. I find this terrifying.

Think about it. If they were a bunch of mustache twisting evil-doers, you could say “Well, yah! They’re obviously a bunch of bastards!” The nasty twist is that most of these goobers really think they are the hero. hey have officially drunk the Cool-Aid.

-Turkish Prawn

31 07 2008
Iran War

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning, but without understanding.LouisBrandeisLouis Brandeis

1 08 2008
Layman Pong

Stop ranting and tell a story!

Or, alternately, tell a story, then carry on carrying on.

3 08 2008
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