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30 12 2006

Ok, ok. Saddam has gone to the Big Rape-Room In The Sky.

Color me unenthused.

Don’t get me wrong, One less dictator in the world is a good thing. Some people really deserve death, and Saddam was one of them. But there are a lot of people around the globe who deserve death just as much as Saddam. Are we (the USA) going to be forever responsible for running around the planet and deposing dictators? Or is it just the ones whose countries have natural resources we want that get this treatment?

Color me unconvinced. Either way.
I have never been convinced of the need to invade Iraq. It’s a done deal now, and cannot be undone, so we (as a nation) need to buckle down and finish the job. The problem is, no one has ever explained exactly what the job is. So the nation is divided against itself.

But it is not too late to change that. Halfway through the Civil War in the United States, Lincoln changed the focus of the war from “preserving the Union” to “ending slavery”. The current President needs to do the same thing with Iraq. We- as a nation- are willing to spend the lives of our young men and women and mortgage our childrens’ futures for a just cause. But it must be a just cause, and the objectives of the just cause must be clearly defined. Americans are beginning to ask, “when can we stick a fork in it and say that it’s done?”

So, this is an open plea for the Government to clearly and openly define America’s objectives in this war. Openly publish a list of American objectives. Tell the whole world what those objectives are. Hand the list to the Generals and diplomats and tell them, “Make this happen.” Keep the American people and the world informed about the objectives and the status of the war.

Then we- the American people- will buckle down and win the bloody thing.

Americans do not want an empire. The average American weighs too much and doesn’t exercise enough and thinks far too little and generally likes keeping his or her head firmly between the butt-cheeks most of the time. Building and maintaining an empire interests them not at all. But Americans are quick to react when someone pokes them out of their colon-peering ignorance by violating their sense of safety, security, and fair play. Our enemies have done all of these things.

There are people all over the world who want to kill Americans just because they are Americans. These people hate America and everything America stands for. They hate America for the very things which have made America great- individual liberty, tolerance, and equality. They are willing to die if they can kill a few Americans while they do so. The only way to defeat this way of thinking is to make the price too high for the enemy. Americans will not tolerate what must be done to make that price too high if there is no clear objective to reach.

So please give us one.

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Current music: Fanfare for the Common Man, by Copeland



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