Shades of Darkness

13 11 2006

This particular post is pretty dark and murky- which is appropriate, as my thoughts are often dark and murky to others. The subject matter may be disturbing to some (assuming that I am not writing this to be read by the ether and one or two others).

Thus spake brave Horatius, the Captain of the Gate.

“To every man upon this Earth, Death cometh soon or late.”

Death is the lot of all that lives. It is the one inescapable fact of our existence- never mind the old joke. This thought is in my mind because another member of my family died recently. My father died too- about a year and a half ago, and my mother just over two years ago. With all of this dying going on, there are only five remaining family members from my parents’ generation still alive (out of twelve).

This brings me to a point I stressed during the family discussions about funeral arrangements. I hate funerals. Funerals are dreary and depressing and generally horrible affairs for all involved. I prefer a wake.

For those unfamiliar with this venerable Irish custom, a wake is a party where the friends and family of the deceased celebrate the dead person’s life and times. There is drinking, dancing, songs, and laughter. All in all, I believe this to be a far better way to send off a loved one than miserably bewailing the loss. I also think that this is a far more … adult … way of dealing with the inevitability of death. We are all going to die, sooner or later. It is far better, in my opinion, to deal openly and honestly with this fact and to focus on the dead person’s life– not the fact that the world will be a little less bright with that particular light snuffed out. There are other lights, and more arriving all the time. Celebrate the light that was, and celebrate how bright the world still is.

So when I kick the bucket, ring down the curtain, and join the bleedin’ Choir Invisible, I expect my friends and family to gather and make fun of me over drinks and food. I’d far rather be laughed out that washed out in a river of tears.

Current Status: Drug-induced torpor

Music: Territories, by Rush



One response

14 11 2006
Layman Pong

You’ve touched on How and Why.
So, Where and Who?

When is a ways off I hope, and therefore moot.

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