Essence of memory

11 11 2006

Back in the depths of time, when I was in High School, my friends and I would play Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes at one house, sometimes at another. We still keep in touch, and every few years or so we gather together from the far corners of the globe (literally, in some cases- several of us joined the military) to drink and talk and play another game. It’s been a quarter of a century now.

One of my friends has a problem, and I’m completely unable to help him out. His mother- one of the nicest people I’ve ever met- is gravely ill with cancer. Once the docs get the cancer under control, she’s going to need a bone marrow transplant. I can’t do this- various and sundry incidents in my medical past make me unsuitable as a donor. Assuming that more than two or three people are reading this, please contact your local hospital and find out what you can do to donate bone marrow.  I’ve been told that it doesn’t cost the donor anything.  You could give someone a new lease on life.

Move along folks. Nothing to see here.



3 responses

12 11 2006

You just did something to help, you posted about it and hopefully it will get more to sign up (I already am).

12 11 2006
Layman Pong

“Completely unable to help”?
Clearly you underestimate the skilled use of a kind word.

It is like the excellent shot of a marksman: well-timed, dead-on, effectual.


13 11 2006

Deeds, not words. My friend has a full-time job, a precocious daughter to keep tabs on, and this crisis with his mother to deal with. I can’t even travel out to the Left Coast to be there for my friend and his mother. The little I can do, I have done … and it isn’t enough.

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